Knitting In A Tree Meets Etsy

by knittinginatree

Knitting in a Tree has a confession to make–we’re on etsy. Come and check us out.

What’s our story? Well, a couple months ago the snow piles were high and the knitting was easy. With the persuasion of a close friend, my partner, S, and I decided to make up some knitted goods and see how they would do on etsy. Lately, I’ve been worried that our scheme may have turned into regretsy. (a.k.a. where DIY meets WTF. Yikes!) As a way to reassure ourselves that we are making quality and likable items, I’ve started an advertising campaign and this is my first plug for our new etsy shop. Stop by our shop and check us out. I believe S will be listing his felted nesting bowls tomorrow morning, so keep us on the look out.

Mostly the purpose of this blog is to share what is on our needles and keeping us inspired. So, in case you forget to click the multiple links I have provided for you to our shop website, here is a design that I made up for a felted cozy, (it’s for sale at our shop). The cozy fits a standard 12 or 16 oz ‘to go’ coffee cup and also fits well on pint glasses. The colors seem to follow an Easter palette.

Deep Purple

Light Pink