1+1 =1, Hrmph!

by knittinginatree

I lost my weekly knitting blog gusto last week and it nearly passed me by this week too! In the absence of blogging, I’ve discovered that it is going to be a busy summer filled with volunteer work and a heavy course load. Additionally, Anchorage has decided to have amazing weather and, as those who live in coastal regions know…the sunshine generally dictates when the fun outside time will be. Today the clouds rolled in and I decided it was time to stop by the blogosphere and share a project that has been driving me crazy since last December.

First, let me say that the majority of this creation was made with loving care by my sister. These two blankets were given to us as wedding gifts. One of my sisters many talents happens to be creating amazing and inspiring knitted goods. I just love the happy collection of colors she chose for us.

The pattern for this Bonnie blanket is from the RYC Classic Weekend Collection. It is a design by Martin Storey and was inspired by a weekend spent in a cottage by the sea.

The second blanket (my sisters design) was originally intended to be the backing for the Bonnie blanket, but alas my sister ran out of yarn. (Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted to be exact.) As a young married couple living in Fairbanks, Alaska, two separate blankets were perfect for lounging around… However, the longer we have been together we find that Bonnie is definitely the favored blanket. As a way to protect the back of Bonnie, I decided it was time to seal the deal and join the blankets together. Guess who just happened to have a couple of Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted skeins of red and earth heather in her stash???

Let me just say, this was a lot harder than I expected it to be. Figuring out how long and wide to make the border, invisibly attaching the front to the back, along with tedious blocking turned this seemingly painless project into a perplexing and down right difficult few months. Hrmph! Was it worth all the labor?

Yes, yes, yes it was worth it, just like joining forces with S was worth it, so worth it. Now, let’s hope they both last a good long while.