That time of year…

by knittinginatree

Just so you all know, I did my best to take part in the world wide knit in public day/week. And, I even talked my one and only knitting friend in Anchorage (other than S of course) into joining the cause.

B is a new friend and I’ve been enjoying the times when we get together for knitting and exchanging stories. One cool fact about B, she got to live on a muskox farm when she was seventeen, or was it sixteen?! Anyway, she is great knitter of hats and scarves, and I love the fiber she is knitting with here.

On Saturday S and I ventured out to see how Anchorage celebrates solstice. Half-way down the block I had to run back to our apartment and grab my knitting; I’m so glad I remembered. We stopped into a nearly empty cafe for a salad and I took some time to sneak in a few stitches publicly.

One day I do hope that I can share and wear this cardigan as a finished product. It’s a design in my head that is not transposing well into my stitches. I have finished the body of the sweater, now I just need to fit the sleeves into the equation. And, I intend to make them short.

Well, I must say, Anchorage did live it up for summer solstice with roller girls and fire dancers among many other festivities. And, I even have a few pictures to prove it.

Also, I’ve been playing around with creating a series of films for a class I’m taking (on a more serious topic). So, I’m trying to refine (i.e. learn how) my editing skills by taking some random clips. The ones below need some work…but, I couldn’t resist trying to capture a little dancing on the longest day of the year.