Out with the old, in with the new: a six items update

by knittinginatree

Last month, I enthusiastically said that I was going to keep this six items or less thing going… I am and I will and I want to, but I’m not as enthusiastic about it as I thought I was. And, while at one point I said I was going to do this for a year, I think I need to step back and take it month by month.

First, a quick recap on my August items, then a reveal of what I’m wearing in September.

Here goes… One of my August six started coming loose along the seams and I had to do a quick fix. It’s not easy when the one item I found myself wearing the most was out of commission for a few days. It also made me think about the production and lifetime of a garment. This was a soft and comfortable item but it was cheap. Perhaps there is more to the overall construction of clothing then just the cut and fit? I’ll need to keep this mind when I start buying clothes again. On the positive, this experiment was so efficient for traveling and in my everyday life. I found that I really do have more time in my day and when it comes to outfits I think more about accessories which I haven’t spent much time doing. I am enjoying that part of the adventure. One thing I should mention. I’m really lucky right now because my lifestyle is such that I don’t have to be at a eight to five job everyday. So, I don’t have to worry about people wondering if I ever wash my clothes, etc. I wonder how this experiment would play out if my current lifestyle had obligations that required me to be out and about in the professional world.

It’s time to share what I’m wearing. For many reasons September is my favorite month. So let’s hope I did not disappoint her. My first two items may look familiar.











We are having a gray day in Anchorage. I don’t know much about adjusting the light for photos. But, I’ve recently been playing around with it and gave it a try on my last four items much to my amusement.


And a little closer.


And, again.


One more time.


A little bit further

And, a little bit farther, now.

And, that’s a wrap.