Knitting gods strike again.

by knittinginatree

Welcome to my new digs!  The blog needs some work and it will get there eventually.  But, in the meantime, I just really wanted to share pictures of my recently acquired yarn from the stash of Oscar the Grouch.

Let me just say that it is rare that I ever let my eyes wander down into the depths of this receptacle.  However, last Sunday afternoon happened to be that rare and might I add kismet exception.

Yes, that’s right the knitting gods are back again.  Amongst the dirt and grime I found not seven but nine skeins of cliche artful yarns (55% cotton, 30% linen and 15% acrylic) colorway sage. The weight and color of this yarn seems to match our time of year like the once verdant mudflats as they fade into their ghost colors.  I love the fall and I love my new yarn.