Six items in five for October

by knittinginatree

Do you remember the six items experiment that I started in August and then decided to do again in September? Ugh.
Well, I am back to tell you that I’ve renewed it for another month. Let me just say September was hard. My trousers didn’t like my bike or perhaps it was the other way around. Near the beginning of the month I found a tear in a very inappropriate location of my trousers. And, I had to take a moment and think, did this happen before or after that meeting with one of my professors…hmm…did this happen before or after I interviewed the State of Alaska Health and Human Services Evaluator…yikes. Anyway, at least the tear was on a seam and turned out to be a relatively quick fix. And, for better or worse, I think my dignity is still in tact. Then, half way through the month, I got so fed up with the 100% polyester polka dot button down that one late night I decided to cut it in half. The polyester was beginning to hurt my skin. True story. I’m still going to use the fabric for something else, because I like the pattern on the material, but it honestly does hurt to wear on a regular basis. Overall, I think this experiment is helping me eliminate items from my closet that shouldn’t have stayed for as long as they have.

That being said, I’m back for round three. Here goes. I don’t want to be a too apologetic blogger, but I am sorry the photos are not very clear.

Don’t look too closely, I still have pins  in the sleeve. I took apart the bottom of this shirt to add sleeves and to add length to the bottom I took out a couple ruffles on the top.

Uh-oh. I didn’t check the tag, this one might be a polyester blend. It’s always the ones with the patterns I like the most.

This sweater is from a clothing swap! I seem to be attracted to salmon colored sweaters lately.

Wool skirt from Banana Republic, I mean from a garage sale.

And, old school straight leg jeans.

Well, if you are keeping count you might be wondering where the sixth item is… Item number six is also a FO and deserves a separate post. I’ll share that with you next week. Until then, this silly experiment continues…