Alaskan Fiber Hounds Fall Yarn Crawl

by knittinginatree

While everyone in the lower forty-eight was gathering together at Rhinebeck for the wool and sheep festival, the Alaskan Fiber Hounds hosted their own day of knitting and yarn crawling. I joined the ravelry Alaskan Fiber Hounds group several months ago, considered attending their monthly knit together and finally did so last Saturday. It is clear to me now—I’ve been missing out on some charming company and great knitting wisdom.
Here is how the day unfolded… I met up with fellow car pool mate, Ak Bon Bon, and we headed out into the valley making our way toward Wasilla. First, let me say I have never traveled into the valley in late fall, the snow capped mountains, and windblown trees were stunning. One really can’t beat yarn crawling amongst the likes of these peaks.

Our knitting meet up spot was literally called The Pandemonium, a quaint little bookstore with a large adjoining coffee shop. View from the parking lot—priceless.

Once inside, I met up with these wonderful ladies.

KnittyNatalie (one of the founders of the group) and klripley (I later found out she rides a motorcycle)!
Ak Bon Bon–working on her second sock (Shucks! I can’t remember the pattern name.)

Quilt Alaska making two socks at once and fellow master knitter in training!

3rd Iris also knitting two socks at once and fellow master knitter in training!

So the raveling quickly unfolded and I was able to show some of my master knitter swatches to Quilt Alaska and 3rd Iris. And, with their help, I discovered a valuable thing—I’m a loose purler! It sounds fun, but in theory it isn’t. However, it was helpful to learn this bit of information and how I might improve it in the future. Also, 3rd Iris gave us a brief tutorial on Portuguese knitting—fascinating. Then, after what seemed like just a few moments of knitting, it was time to start a yarn crawlin’.

First stop, Fantastic Fibers in Palmer, referred to as Veera’s place by my fellow knitting companions—most likely because the shop is owned by and run out of Veera’s place. There was a wonderful smell of woodsmoke right as you enter her home.  She has a wide selection of fantastic fibers, but I couldn’t make up my mind. So, I bought some much needed needles for a few of my current projects.

Then, we all headed down to the Tangled Skein in Eagle River. Yet, another lovely yarn store that I had no idea existed. And, that’s were I fell in love with this alpaca merino blend…

I don’t have a pattern in mind just yet, but I know I will be wearing this through the dark cold months.  Knittynatalie was also thrilled with her purchase.

After burning so many calories, the fiber hounds realized they were famished so we headed to a nearby restaurant to seek sustenance before making our way into the heart of  Anchorage.

After the pit stop for grub and the coercing from Quilt Alaska and 3rd Iris for me to join them at the tattoo parlor once we’ve finished our master knitter program, we headed into Anchorage toward my personal favorite The Quilt Tree Yarn Branch. (I’ve put a great deal of punches in my card since I last showcased it and I did so again as I needed more of Berroco Touche for a colorful hat project I’m working on with these colors.

The yarn crawling wasn’t over yet, we had one more shop to go, Ak Bon Bon and I were trying hard to fight back yawns. We love yarn, but I think we both weren’t used to so much shopping.

We pulled it together and zipped over to the Far North Yarn company where I promptly found yarn for my Master knitter hat assignment.

3rd Iris also found a little nugget…

The photo isn’t very clear, but the license plate holder reads “I’d rather be knitting.” I wish I had more photos of every ones finds, but, this about sums up our day.

Knittynatalie put it best, each store has a little something different to offer and it’s worth visiting each one of them. At the end of the day, I walked away with some wonderful treasures. What a fun adventure with delightful women. I’m looking forward to knitting with them again.