FO: From the Archives

by knittinginatree

Clearly I have a lot of back blogging to do… I’m sure it will all come together in time. Yet again, this post is going to take you back to Charlottesville, VA. While I was there this past summer, Quite Contrary pulled out an old FO that I made for her a few years back. So, we took a couple photos outside of a random garage bookstore (made me feel right at home as my mom happens to run a used bookstore out of her garage).

Just some ribbed fingerless gloves that I put together on my daily bus commute to work (when living in Juneau, AK). I don’t believe I followed a pattern but I do remember making them to barely fit me as Quite Contrary has slender wrists and fingers.

I knit two different fibers together, the natural color is handspun alpaca and the yellow orange is actually Unger Darling. The same yarn used for my Tamarack cardigan!

I stole this photo from QC’s facebook page. It always seems like a success to me when you give a hand knit gift to someone and they actually aren’t ashamed to wear it out in public…