Oh, Brother! …A beard design by Liza Root

by knittinginatree

Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Saints Day…what a wonderful time of year we have coming up in just a few days.  This week I’ve been thinking of all those beardless folks who might be in a last minute bind and in need of a costume for the upcoming festivities.  Well, look no further, I have just the thing for you

A free beard pattern!

This is a one skein, knit in a day project, making it perfect for a last minute Halloween costume.  Also, it is a great stash buster (pun intended).

Some of you might recognize this beard from a much earlier post…

This was a beard I designed for my brother, but this week I was craving a beard of my own.  In the process of making up another beard I realized that the instructions I posted earlier were not as clear as they should be. So, I put together what I hope will be a much more succinct pattern in pdf form. You can also access this pdf by clicking on my “Free Pattern” page in the upper right hand corner of my blog.  From there click on the Oh, Brother link to download the pattern instructions.  (The pattern will also be listed on Ravelry later tonight.) No tricks here, just free treats. Happy Halloween!

EDIT: Pattern is now on ravelry.