by knittinginatree

The moment has arrived, the barren branches of our apple tree outside the window have become covered in snow! We’ve had a few glimpses of snow already this year. But last night an official winter storm arrived. And, other than the shoveling on the rooftop across the street and the occasional thud of snow landing on the ground, the city is quiet. Or, at least the usual sounds of the city are muted by our new snow. It is truly exciting when this moment arrives. Somehow the world seems new again and we’re excited to get out and explore.

I’m afraid from here on out my photos are going to be a bit dull. We have officially entered the dark season, but I’ll continue to snap away and see what comes of it. Can you see a faint bit of blue on the sidewalk? That’s S running off to catch the bus. Wintertime and snow are a few of his favorite things. And, he’s mostly excited about our recent acquisition.

Skate Skis! I grew up cross country skiing on trails outside our back door–a true luxury. But, I’ve never tried skate skiing. I’m so excited and a little nervous. (I’m trying to decide if I should get a helmet.) We live within walking distance of the coastal trail, a great multi use trial. Hopefully we’ll be able to test these out soon.

In knitting news, I taught a friend how to knit this past weekend! I was excited to welcome a new knitter into the fold. But, I worry that I’m not the best teacher. There is so much to share… “Under, over and let the stitch go” can be confusing to articulate when it has become muscle memory for me. But, she really was doing quite well. I hope she will keep on and that she’ll still want me to teach her how to purl.

I truly believe that you’ve got to find a knitting style that is comfortable for you. This can be difficult to find at first, but it’s worth trying all the possibilities. In our own household I’m an English style knitter and S is a Continental knitter. While we make fun of each other, and argue that our own way is the better way, I’m just happy we each have found a style that works. (Ehem, I really am at peace about it…)

Lately, I’ve been trying to work on writing up my Tamarack pattern, which is getting closer to being done. In the meantime, I’ve been missing knitting itself and simply working from a pattern. So, this weekend I decided it’s time to have a little party on my needles and I started casting on the Bacchus Socks by Alice Bell. I went through a serious sock craze several years ago, and needed to take a break for a while. So far it has been fun to return and try a few new things. For example, I’ve never tried knitting socks from the toe up or knitting two at the same time.