The Composed Mitts

by knittinginatree

Sometimes friends knit for me. Despite the fact that there are no limits to my outerwear with the six items experiment, these composed mitts have become part of my fall uniform. My sister made them for me last Christmas and I must say I’ve received a lot of attention from them. They really are quite eye catching not to mention the perfect wrist and palm warmers for Fall. With our recent change in temps I haven’t been wearing them as frequently, so I washed them up this week and sat them in the sun to dry. They’ve worn in a bit since the first day I received them. Still, that doesn’t make them any less than wonderful.

In case you’re interested in the pattern it is called Composed Mitts designed by Michelle Rose Orne and can be found in the Fall 2007 issue of interweave knits or at the interweave online store. And, in case you want to view more of my sisters lovely work you can find her on ravelry as gretagardener.