Crazy for ginger cranberries

by knittinginatree

We’ve been having an ice storm! And, while school has been closed, I’m still working on things…mostly knitting pattern related. (I’m hoping to release my Tamarack cardigan by Friday. So, please look for it then.)

In the meantime, I decided to take a break from work and do a little pre-holiday preparing.

Recently, I’ve found myself having conversations regarding cranberry recipes and all the different ways to prepare them. A few years ago, my mom told me she doesn’t cook her cranberries, instead she just blends them together. Well, let me just say, this opened up a whole new world for me.

We love cranberries in our home, especially ginger and cranberries together. (Ginger is one of S’s favorite foods.) So, I thought I might share how I prepare our cranberries.

-1 bag of cranberries
-The zest from one orange and the juice
-The zest from one lemon and the juice
-Not more than a cup of orange juice diluted with water
-A handful or more of crystallized ginger (S has been making homemade crystallized ginger. It’s divine.)
-Less than a teaspoon of ginger sugar or just sugar or honey.

Combine ingredients in a blender and puree. Modify to taste. I tend to add more sugar, orange juice, water and or honey if the cranberries are incredibly tart. And, of course I always add more ginger for an extra zing. Also, it’s helpful to let them sit in the fridge over night so they can take in all the flavor.

Before.                                                                                              After.

One person I spoke with this past weekalso u ses the  blender method for his cranberries and puts in Zup along with a mixture of other interesting ingredients. Perhaps if I get an urge to make another batch I will give his recipe a try. It’s just fun to hear how folks prepare their cranberries. Do you have a favorite cranberry recipe?