December in Six Items

by knittinginatree

Am I doing six items experiment in December? This wasn’t even a question that crossed my mind as I came to the finish line of November. The question I did have as I peaked into my closet was, what will be my December six? I’m glad that this has become less a question of why do it and more about making it work.

November ended and I’m happy with how well everything worked. There was one item that didn’t make it out of the closet too frequently–the pin-stripy collared button down. The length and general fit of the shirt don’t work for me. So, why have I had this shirt in my closet for over six years? Who knows.  It is now in the fabric pile,with the intention to line something or make its way to the donation pile. Inevitably this is one of the main reasons why I’m still here, if I had not had a whole month to stare at this shirt it would likely remain in my closet for six more years. I’m not good at instantly clearing out my closet, I need the process of time to downsize rather than a single afternoon. I like that my closet is becoming smaller and that it’s broadening my world. I guess it’s just the simple old saying that more is less and I’m enjoying discovering how much I don’t need and isn’t really appropriate for me to have.

All previous thoughts aside, my six item choices are becoming more and more questionable. I believe I mentioned in my November Six post that I have a lot of randoms in my closet and not many items that actually go together. So, after scouring the closet here is what I came up with for December. (Again, my apologies for the dim photos…Alaska is rather dark these days.)

1. More polka dots. This time a vintage top with a button closure in the back.

2. Eek, I didn’t iron (again). Your basic tan with a little bit of line details.

3. Levi boot cut. (Appropriate for winter boot season, no?)

4. Hand made wool skirt with some fun button and line details.
















A word about tailoring. The last two items came from my “in need of tailoring stash.” Another positive with this experiment is that my tailoring pile is going down.  If I don’t do anything with these two items I’m out two items for the month. This is all the incentive I need.  If I do any drastic alterations, I’ll be sure to share.

5. Gold sparkly sweater thingy. (Too big and not in a good way.)

6. The first sweater I ever made. I swim in this and intended to frog it until my sister talked me out of it. She told me that it can easily be shrunk. Well, I’ve had bad luck with shrinking, but I’m going to give it a try. It may be a five items December for me. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

And, that’s a wrap. Happy holidays to you all.