A new year.

by knittinginatree

I rather enjoyed that many of the blogs I follow kept up with regular posting over the holidays. Unexpectedly, I decided to take a break from much of the internets over the holiday. First, I turned into an elf frantically finishing up some top-secret gifts, and then, after the imminent deadline came and went, I happily turned into a knitting recluse. Now I have too many WIPs, FOs and UFOs to share that I’m not sure where to begin. I also received some lovely gifts that will need to make an appearance on here, like the, ehem, delicious “Oh Fudge” and other gifts wrapped in Kaffe Fassett wrapping paper.

But, these items will all be revealed in the upcoming weeks. I just wanted to say that I’m here and I’ll be catching up with you all soon. I don’t mind doing a bit of back logging. While I know that most were happy to say goodbye to 2010, and I am just as happy as the rest of them, but, no matter what year it is, I usually spend my January reflecting on what has been and what I hope I am becoming.  And, I expect that will be the mood here at knittinginatree.

So, without further ado, it’s time I wish this blog and its readers a Happy New Year.  S and I welcomed in the New Year ice skating on a frozen lagoon with frantic fireworks looming around us. It was magical in every way. And, I am very excited for 2011 with all the happy and sad, joyful and difficult that it will likely offer. I think Davin said it well, “each year we become better equipped to both enjoy the good and handle the bad.” So, here’s to 2011 with all it has to offer. I hope yours will be full and bright.