January’s Six

by knittinginatree

Six Items. Yeah, I’m blogging on the sixth to tell you about my six items for the month. And, this happens to be my sixth consecutive month doing this this. Creepy, no?

December’s six were difficult for me. I did end up shrinking the green sweater and dressed up that brown drab blouse with fancy red buttons. Let’s just face it, December didn’t work for me. So, I turned over a new year thinking that perhaps I should just quit this experiment. I gave it a good go, that’s good enough.  But, on closer inspection I realized that all my December items were things I had in my closet that I never really wore until this last month. So when I confronted the question, how have these items taken up permanent residence in my closet, it occurred to me that, of course, this experiment is still working. It’s still making me purge or at the very least be creative with what I’m wearing and why.

So, it is a new month and a new year. I’m intending to keep this up until July. We’ll see how far it takes me.  Thanks for following along and with out further ado, here are my January six.

1. Red silk blouse.

2. Gray wool skirt.

3. Black silk/cotton cardigan.

4. White blouse complete with ruffle.

5. Wool pinstripe sailor trousers.

6. Blue blouse.