Photos of knitters…

by knittinginatree

Sometimes it can be hard to blog and not mention events that are going on both personally, nationally or globally. I’m spending the beginning of this week at the Alaska Public Health Summit. And, while the tragedy in Arizona has already been mentioned in our opening keynote address, I really hope this forum presents an opportunity to speak about the public health implications of this event and where it failed. That’s all I can really say for now. The dialogues about rhetoric that are going on right now are important and necessary to have, but I’m also interested in the “crime,” as one person said, that this is another situation where a person went undiagnosed and untreated.

Oops, I started this post with the intention to share photos of knitting with the wonderful ladies that make up the Alaskan Fiber Hounds. But, I think it is fair to say that this tragedy is weighing heavy on everyone right now and as I say, “in the meantime you knit…” And, if you’re as lucky as me you get to knit with these lovely ladies.

I know I promised to share some FOs. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some later this week.