Gifts from my sister…

by knittinginatree

The knitting gods were very kind to me over the Christmas season. I received some great knitting books and lovely handmade gifts from S (to be revealed later), and I also received some exceptional, blog worthy, gifts from my sister. First, she gave me a handy-dandy Stitch-A-Day calendar from Vogue.

I would love to make a quilt out of all their swatch patterns, maybe someday… For now, they offer great design ideas and new knitting techniques to explore.

Then, low and behold I received the best gifts yet–yarn spun by my sister!

Autumn: a silk/merino blend. Lovely shades of purple and faint mixtures of green.

Colors of my sister: 180yds/4oz. The orange ply is 50/50 Bamboo/Merino and the white ply is 100% merino.

I’m in love with both of them, especially the butterscotch/buttery popcorn/pumpkin blend. They’re so rich and soft and have been keeping me company on my office desk since I received them. Now I’m taking my time exploring some fun ideas and investigating what to make with them, which to me is one of the best parts of the creative process.

Finally, my gifts came adorned with this little guy.

He really was the frosting on the cake. What a great idea for leftover wine corks. He’s making me smile in our dreary January. (Korknisse is the name of this free pattern which can be found here).

I don’t know about you but I think my sister is super. Not to mention she has a great number of other talents and gifts beyond fiber arts. And, I feel pretty lucky to have her in my life. Let’s give it up for sisters!