What I gave my sister…

by knittinginatree

Along with being the happy recipient of an Owl pin, I also made my sister a hipster headband. Since my sister is kind of a rock star, it seemed suitable to make her one of these numbers.

Photo Name: Headband In Alaska by S

(Free) Pattern Name: Headband In Alaska by Drops

I whipped this up in a day or so on US Size 10 needles using some of our Grandma’s leftover wool–mostly Lambs Pride. The only major change I made was by adding different yarn colors on the knitted ridges.



Before I sent it off, I had to be sure it would fit. I must say I was impressed by how snug and warm it kept my ears while S took a quick photo. If you’re looking for a fast knit and free headband  pattern, look no further than the headband in Alaska.