Leaf Lace Scarf for Auntie Linda

by knittinginatree

After many attempts to combat the horrible flu and cold that has swarmed down upon the city of Anchorage, I was inevitably snatched up by it last week. My head is still a bit fuzzy today, but I’m here to say that I’m still alive and am hoping to be near the end of this illness.

In other news, some folks asked about the scarf I was wearing in my previous post about my sisters headband. Yes, I did make it, and yes, it was another Christmas gift. This time for my Auntie Linda.

Janet Russell of the lovely Twisted Knitter blog was my first knitting blog friend I made when I began blogging about knitting. She has a few scarf patterns that I’ve been wanting to cast on for some time. For my auntie I chose to work with US size 5 needles, an unidentified light blue skein of the angora persuasion (from my stash) and Janet’s sweet leaf lace scarf II pattern. Despite my horrible attention span when it comes to knitting lace, I was very happy with Janet’s pattern and the end result.  I knew that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make a full wrap around scarf, so I used as much of the yarn as possible and then converted the scarf it into a cowl by sewing the ends together.

Linda sent me a photo for my ravelry page, isn’t that sweet?

I happen to have a number of really great and amazing aunts on both sides of my family, but Auntie Linda is the one who I had the fortune of living next door to while I was growing up.  We spent a lot of time as kids invading her never empty candy jar and well stocked fridge.  And, she spent a lot of time putting up with me and my siblings as we went through our different phases of growing and developing into fully functioning humans.  Overall, I have a lot of fun memories of spending time with my Auntie and wandering back and forth between her farm house and my families farm home.  She still lives next door to my mom and we still have fun when we’re together…