What I’m wearing for February in Six.

by knittinginatree

January came to close. And, all I really have to say is that my wool pants and wool skirt kept me warm. I didn’t have any major problems or issues this past month. In the grand scheme of things keeping warm is all I really could have hoped for… When it comes to cold weather and clothes, I’m a pretty practical gal. So, for February I give you more of the practical. Here is what I’m wearing.
1. Brown cable cardi

2. Basic blue blouse with 3 quarter-length sleeves.

3. Pink and green stripey blouse.

4. Purple cotton shirt.

5. Black low rise straight leg trousers.

6. Another wool skirt.

Finally, a word about all these wool skirts. I’ve been wearing a different wool skirt every month since October. Honestly, I’ve never really worn any of them before. It amazes me that I had so many.  These skirts are so warm, practical, comfortable and can even be considered dressy. Why I never took the time to wear them is beyond me. So, if you have a wool skirt that has been neglected take it out and give it a second try. It also provides a great opportunity to show off legwarmers, tights, fun stockings and great boots.