Day 10: In the kitchen

by knittinginatree

Today’s thing: a potholder of the Swedish persuasion.

I have visions of the family members who read my blog shrieking because I cut out this dala horse from a linen that was gifted to me. Well, please hear me out. I received two of the same linens as gifts, and since I loved them both so much and was desperately in need of potholders, my recent creation seemed like a reasonable solution. This way I can show case both linens, by putting the entire (uncut) linen on the table and having few potholders to go with!

This is my first potholder of what I hope will be a few installments. It was hand sewn with recycled/repurposed materials. The blue polka-dot fabric is from a cotton blouse that didn’t fit right and the bottom of the pot holder has three layers of flannel from a top bed sheet that mysteriously lost it’s matching bottom sheet in our last move. I’m happy with how it turned out.