Day 12: A respectable bookshelf

by knittinginatree

We’ve been in need of another bookshelf for some time. And, while I’m fairly picky about bookshelves, I’ve also been thinking a lot about the junk we throw out. I think this might be more noticeable when one lives in an apartment building and walks past the communal dumpster on a their daily walking route to get out into the world. There is a lot of repurposeable stuff that gets thrown out by folks who happen to be more transient. So, this week I collected enough materials to create this bookshelf today. Sorry for the fuzzy computer photos.

Sure it’s not exactly our style but it works. We have more plans to fix up the metal parts but for now they will do the trick and some of our books can finally hang out in our living space instead of in the linen closet we had temporary transformed into a library. Also, it should prove to be an excellent growing spot for our seeds. Time will tell…