Two things for day 15: Swedish inspired potholders

by knittinginatree

Whoops! Cupid kept me distracted yesterday and I forgot to post a thing. So, to make up for lost time, I offer two pot holders.

Of course I’m rather partial to the sheep pot holder for obvious sheep worshiping reasons, but also because I like my hand stitches better than the sewing machine. As you can see, the roster potholder was created with the sewing machine and when it comes to machines I seem to let my stitches go wherever they want.  My sewing machine and I have yet to truly bond, but I’m still hopeful that day is just around the corner. As mentioned previously all of the potholders were made with 100% recycled materials. S and I are happy to report we have yet to burn our fingers with these lovelies.  These are our first real potholders since being together for, um, well, over five years.  It was time to take our partnership to the next level don’t you think? Next on the list, hm, maybe kitchen gadgets? We’ll see. Sometimes it’s fun to grow up.