2011’s first FO: the infamous french press slippers

by knittinginatree

French Press felted slippers have been on my mind since the pattern debuted in…2009, was it? I often feel like I’m usually a bit late to the party when it comes to knitting trends. Perhaps with these slippers I can be considered fashionably late, no?

I started casting these lovelies on New Years Day with some plum wine beside me and Nashua Creative Focus Worsted in my hands.  I’m not entirely comfortable with machine felting and because we have a communal laundry room I worried that I may make some other tenants annoyed if they found clumps of red yarn on their clothes. So, I hand felted these darlings and have now decided not to do a felting project for some time due to the time it took. As a result, I love my slippers but I decided to beef them up a bit. Make them really last, if you know what I mean.

So, I knitted up some jute patches for the soles.

Added some felted inserts and covered them with some fabric from my stash. (Yes, I covered the buttons with the same fabric.)

And,  wallah, now I have such happy feet which I hope will last me until we have our very own washing machine.

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