We have a winner!

by knittinginatree

Before I announce the winner I have a couple other items to share.
First, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the thing-a-day collective blog. However, I regret that I wasn’t able to keep up with it near the end. It was still a helpful way to enjoy every day of February–a month that can easily be gloomy here in Anchorage. So, I may attempt to join in next year with the hope of really sticking with it to the end. We’ll see.

My camera is dead today, so I offer you a silly computer photo of my final thing–another potholder.
Second, Mary over at America’s Knitting blog has been featuring Alaskan fiber artists all month. And, she posted one of my FOs! Check out the link to her blog to see the Alaskan headband that I made for my sister and other great fiber artists from around the state. And, thank you Mary for featuring me on your blog.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. (Drumroll…) The random number generators says…

that number 6 is the winner! That means you, Cindy A., who wrote:

Gasp! I have never wanted a book so bad in all my life. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win such a fun and generous gift.
Congratulations Cindy you’ve won a copy of the lovely book Ohio Knitting Mills! I’ll be sending you an email after I publish this post. Thank you everyone else for joining in on the drawing, Because it’s fun to offer gifts to other knitters throughout the world, I’m sure I’ll be hosting a giveaway in the future. Stay tuned for more fun.