Six for March

by knittinginatree

Interrupting the iknitarod to give a quick six items update.

Recap: February’s items made the shortest month seem to go on forever. That’s how I felt about those items…moving on.

March in a nutshell: I may have said this already but I’m really at the bottom of the barrel in terms of clothing. So this month is a collection of clothes I’ve kept for sentimental reasons. I know we all hang onto things and I’m just as guilty. Just for the record this maybe the last month that I ever wear these items because some of them are really spent. So, here goes…with sentimental reasons included below the photos.

1. because it was a gift from my mom.

2. purchased on my last visit to Minnesota–need I say more.

3. purchased in Fairbanks, AK. I thoroughly enjoyed Fairbanks in the summertime.

4. included in a care package from S’s friends, whom I now feel honored to call my friends too.

5. from a dear college friend who is now living in South Africa. I miss her.

6. the blouse I wore continously on the first S and L adventure into the boundary waters canoe area wilderness together.