Spring time…

by knittinginatree

There is something about this time of year that lends itself to writing blog posts in my head rather than here. It’s semester crunch time not to mention sunny in Anchorage. S and I are like all of you–just busy with deadlines and and the changing landscape and rhythm of spring. However, we did manage to recently sneak away for the night to this lovely little space.

S had a birthday! And, we celebrated by heading into the woods and lodging at the Eagle River Nature Center Rapids Camp Yurt.

It was such a perfect day to get out and explore. The birch are just starting to bud, creating a faint line of purple along the tree horizon.

The snow was melting under our feet on the hike in. And, when night came, we were able to see the stars through the skylight of the yurt…

Happy birthday dear sweet S!

“I love the way you love the world.”