April in six items.

by knittinginatree

Whew! That’s my saying for it was a long semester and now it’s done! Let’s move on and start blogging again.

First, I am behind with much of my correspondence, so please know things are lightening up in my world and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

Also, as crazy as it is…I’m still a sixer. What does that mean? Well, right now it means I’ve been pulling out six random items from my closet that rarely see the light of day and wearing only these items for a month. After completing said month, I put them in one of three piles: to re-purpose, to donate, or, to remain in my wardrobe. I’m trying to be intentional and thoughtful about what I put back in my wardrobe, because what I enjoy most about this challenge is realizing how little I really need. And, I’m excited to start wearing more of what I believe in…less of the factory made and more of the handmade.

This experiment also means that I haven’t purchased any new clothes since last July, well, if purchasing yarn doesn’t count… And, of course this experiment excludes outerwear, active wear and lounge wear. The last two have made the experiment more bearable for me because as a graduate student I tend to spend more time then I should in, gasp, lounge or active wear. Don’t worry, I’m not like some who wear their pajamas out in public…well, not anymore at least. 

So, I have some rather shotty photos to share of my six items for April. I took them at the beginning of the month in the midst of doing a number of other things. But, without any more apologies here are my random six for April.

I’ve committed to doing this until July. After April, I’ll only have three more months to go.