My wedding sweater (take II)

by knittinginatree

Do you remember when I frogged S’s wedding sweater and made him another sweater? Well, I’ve done it again. This time with my own wedding sweater. My sweater was just a bit too big, so, with all superstition cast aside, I went ahead and frogged it. In a few months I came up with this new FO. (Vogue Spring 2011 #28 Lace Cardy by Courtney Kelly.)

Worked on US size 7 needles using Plymouth Yarn Royal Bamboo I.’m so impressed with the sturdiness of the bamboo yarn. After frogging and (re)knitting it is still just as soft as the day I bought it. Sigh.

The flame lace motif pattern was a joy to work with, and easy to memorize. However, I wasn’t as thrilled with a few design elements of the pattern. But, hey, that’s what modifying is for, right? Here’s what I did.

While increasing along the bottom portion of the pattern, I decided to keep the background clean by purling along the flame increases instead of knitting them. I found that changing this element helped maintain the drape of the fabric. As the garment increased I added a few more lace flames than what the pattern called for along each edge.

Once I reached the armholes I ditched the pattern entirely and divided up the stitches based on my own measurements. As a result, there is more fabric and lace flame motifs on the front. And, if desired, I can close the garment with a pin or add a button.

The pattern called for a ribbed collar and sleeves, but I found that the rib caused the lace to pull in a funny way especially around my bottom. So, I frogged the edging and after trying several different techniques, I decided to go with a crochet collar and cap sleeves. I’m much happier with the choice.

Thank you to S for taking the photos. We chose a windy day for it, but now you can see how green Anchorage is right now. We’ve even had some glorious sunny days. Perfect weather for my new lace cardi.

Now raveled here.