A test and a trip to the musk ox co op

by knittinginatree


I’m trying out the wordpress iPhone app. Just wanted to see what it’s like to blog from my phone. So hang in here with me.

It never fails, somehow the end of July rushes past me every year. It’s the way of summer I suppose. We’re headed out of state for a bit of vacation in the next few days. So this space will likely remain a bit quiet. (Not sure I can manage too many iPhone blogposts as my thumbs are already tired.) I hope you all are savoring that last bit of summer.

One quick knitting related item. We have family in town now and made our way to Oomingmak the musk ox producers’ cooperative; a must if you are ever in Anchorage. It’s an Alaskan Native owned cooperative that sells hand knit qiviut garments. All of the garments are knit by co op members through out the state. Most of the garments are lace but some are colorwork. And each design is specific to a village or region of Alaska and tells a story or has a theme. It’s such a great model and way to promote and support knitters throughout Alaska.

Qiviut is my all time favorite fiber. Softer than cashmere and so warm. And, the musk ox are such extraordinary pre historic creatures. I’m fascinated by this extreme northern climate mammal.

Here are a few more photos to share.