Passing a major milestone

by knittinginatree

Tomorrow is my birthday. And, because this time of year makes me pause and consider if I’ve done anything worthwhile over the past twelve months, yesterday I took it upon myself to take up a new skill. One I’ve dreamt of accomplishing since I was about seven years old.

I’m rhythmically challenged. And, I don’t mean that I ain’t got rhythm, I know I’ve got it stored up in there somewheres because I can play a few instruments just fine and keep a beat. But, when it comes to moving my body, well. You see, I’m from a family whose tradition and religion was fearful of dancing. Who knows where shaking your hips might lead you… So, with the help S, I’m the proud owner of a new hula hoop. And, as of yesterday, I was finally able to keep it up for several minutes. This is a major milestone for me!

But, there is always more to challenge yourself with, like my friend Varpu who just helped make and share a hoopygroove moment.

Aren’t they knock outs? Here’s hoping I can challenge myself to keep this hulaing up throughout the year. And, maybe one day, dare I say it, dance!