FO: Eco Stripe

by knittinginatree

FO: Doric by Cecily Glowik MacDonald 

Yarn: Cascade Eco Duo

Needles: US 8 


When Cascade Eco Duo is knit up one skein at a time it creates a large stripe effect. As one reader, Skrapyram, eloquently shared–it almost appears as though a pot of coffee had been spilled across the fabric. While some may adore this effect, I tried to tone it down by alternating skeins after every row. I’m pleased by the more subtle striping that resulted from this process. 

Let it be known that Cascade Eco Duo is wonderful to knit with and so soft. I love wearing my new cardi.

This is my first Cecily Glowik MacDonald pattern. Some of the instructions were a bit wonky, and felt like they had been written in a rush, but I trusted the designer and followed along much to my delight. I look forward to trying out more of Cecily’s designs. I like her simple aesthetic.

My stitch gauge was off–too large. But, I really liked the drape of my swatch so instead of using smaller needles I just knit the smallest size. And, somehow it worked! I’m always happy when my knitting intuition comes together and produces happy results.

A special thank you to Kate for taking these photos and for being willing to work with my old point-and-shoot and the limited light.