FO Hell, second floor. Pay It Forward Take Two

by knittinginatree

Pattern: The Destroyed Cowl

Yarn: Banana Silk by Frabjous Fibers 

And raveled: here

The destroyed cowl was made for a one of a kind roomie from my first year in college. Perhaps you had a roomie like mine. She would answer our phone by saying, “hell, second floor,” and do a number of things to make my terribly shy constitution extremely embarrassed–like flashing her under garments at me across the dining hall…in front of all my friends. Ha! But, I lived through it. Now I have a lot of laughs when I think of our first year of college and our crammed little room that we shared. She made that year so memorable and interesting in many ways. Thanks RaeAnne.

While considering a pay it forward gift for RaeAnne, my old roomie, I couldn’t resist the bright orange banana silk yarn together with the destroyed cowl pattern. It seemed so fitting for the phrase I remember her best for–“Hell, second floor.”

Working with banana silk was a fun experience but a little tiring on the hands. The fiber is rough, twists up easily, and will suddenly break off at the most inopportune moments. The perk is that it is a fair trade yarn spun by women in Nepal and India. I do love the sheen, the hand spun mixture of bulky and lace, and the fact that it is hand dyed also provides a nice variation between skeins. Now I want one for myself…

I attempted to instagram my FO. It seemed like a good idea at the time…ah well. Lesson learned.