what are your colors of winter?

by knittinginatree

In preparation for solstice,for winter celebrations, for the impending start of a new year, and for a new place to call home, I thought I would take some time this upcoming year to focus on working with the colors I find in the seasons and landscapes I’ve been lucky to explore.

All of my yarn has safely arrived in Minnesota except for these pretties that I couldn’t part from…They are the colors I’ve chosen to focus on for the winter season. They reference the colors I’ve been seeing these days. 

…mostly black and grays with faint yet vibrant blues, reds, yellows and white. My challenge for the upcoming year will be to work on de-stashing the array of yarns I’ve collected while in Alaska, but also focus on using colors that represent the colors of each season. This year I want to remember to celebrate where I am and do so with color.