It’s December

by knittinginatree

Oh, I miss this space. But, how many of you really want to hear about life after a divorce versus knitting? The truth is I haven’t been knitting nearly as much as I should be…and instead my thoughts and energy are more directed toward the process of reclaiming and reinventing my identity. Don’t worry I’m still very much me…but the question looms, how important is knitting to me? (Shutter to think!) I’m finding the need to write about other things and knittinginatree feels like the right space for me to share. I do apologize to those of you who have joined in for the pure knit of it. However, please know that I am choosing this space to share because you all have been very gracious and kind in accepting me at any state of being. That being said, the focus of this blog might shift a bit, but I hope you’ll stick around I do have a little bit of knitting porn to share from Thanksgiving break, but mostly these days I just have words. Stay tuned.