Red Racer

by knittinginatree

Not sure if anyone even follows this page anymore but I felt like sneaking on here and sharing an old FO from 2014.

We’ve had a warmer than usual summer in Anchorage and I found myself out and about on the town wearing this old racer tank I knit back in 2014. The weather has to be just right for this number to make it’s way out into the light of day. So, I asked my friend to snap a few shots outside of F street (best halibut spot in town).


Since I’m such a loose knitter, I tend to knit the smallest pattern size when I’m feeling lazy about gauge. Usually the end result is the perfect size for me but this time around it  turned out to be a snug knit.


To prevent rolling at the waist I used a knit 1, knit 1 through the back method. It actually worked and creates a nice subtle detail. Haven’t quite figured out about the neck–whether to just let it roll as is or try to block it again.

Three Irish Girls Finely Fingering was my yarn of choice for this project. More details can be found on my ravelry page.